Individual and Family Coaching Options

I am a single mother of three young daughters, clinical psychologist, professor, entrepreneur, and holistic coach.

I've been overworking, overproducing, and under-resting for 20+ years in pursuit of "having it all" and being "successful"... but at what cost?

Over the past few years, I've become painfully aware of the ways that I have pushed myself aside and delayed my wellbeing -- to "take one for the team", to "make the safe choice", to develop "stability", to "put my kids first", or the help the "greater good." 

I have struggled with persistent imposter syndrome, guilt/shame about thinking I'm doing it all wrong, fear that I'm not doing enough, and resentment about taking care of myself "later".

But now I'm living differently, and I'm raising my young daughters to live differently.


-- I am RESETTING my internalized ideals and expectations that don't match my core values.

-- I am RESTING and challenging my default mode of being "productive" all the time.

-- I am RECHARGING with self-nurturing and I'm fighting the guilt I feel when making myself a priority.


-- I am REFOCUSING on my core values, goals, needs, and priorities.

-- I am REDISCOVERING my full self-worth, power, engagement, and contentment.

-- I am REDIRECTING my time, resources, and energy to build my best authentic and fulfilling life.

I help people build their best authentic and fulfilling life with holistic coaching following this evidence-based method:

1) Clarify your true core values, priorities, and l​ife goals, then see how much your life embodies them.

2) Identify what you need to RECOVER FROM from and RECONNECT WITH with to build your best authentic fulfilling life.

3) Define and pursue​ specific behavioral and mindset changes that are consistent with your core values, priorities, and life goals.

Are you ready to reset, recharge, refocus, and rebalance?